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At Arimé, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and support to all of our customers.

Recrutement international

International recruitment

We have trustworthy partners in Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and many French speaking countries. Our collaborators will meticulously recruit and select candidates according to your criteria and your company’s needs. You have a referral from another country? No worries, we can make your project a reality.

inspection de logement

Housing Inspection

A housing inspection is a federal requirement for hiring temporary foreign agricultural workers. We offer a complete housing inspection service which is carried out by a building inspector recognized by the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors, who has in-depth knowledge of government requirements and can guide you in meeting program standards.

The LMIA and CAQ applications are the basis for hiring temporary foreign workers. We have become masters in the art of drafting, revising, submitting, and following up on the analysis of these complex files. Our team, under the close supervision of our 3 immigration consultants, masters applications of all programs, from SAWP to Facilitate LMIA Process, including Low/High Wage or agricultural programs.



Do your candidates require a visa to come to Canada? An electronic travel authorization? What about a work permit? Our 3 immigration consultants can answer all your questions. Our team will analyze your file to establish the right strategy, and then put together the application so that your workers can start work as soon as possible.

Permis de travail -Visa

Work Permit



A specialized support service is offered to allow the employer to delegate certain responsibilities at the start of or throughout the duration of the contract. In practical terms, one of our agents can take care of accompanying the workers in a variety of tasks, whether to register a SIN, obtain provincial health care, open a bank account, groceries shopping, tax services, and so on.

Services d'acompagnement

Support services

From the purchase of the plane ticket to the arrival of the worker; we take care of all the necessary formalities, both with your candidates in their home countries and with you. International travel has never been easier. Group transportation services are also organized to take your workers to a designated area for your convenience

Transport aeriénne - Terrestre-Editar

Air and Ground transportation

We carefully coordinate the arrival and departure of your workers, according to your needs. As soon as they arrive, they are greeted by one of our agents. These agents are present at the airport to ensure a carefree, friendly welcome in the workers' own language. A complete verification is then carried out to ensure that all your workers' documents are in order. Workers are also given documents on welcome and integration, as well as the realities of Quebec, to ensure they are properly informed.

Coordination 2


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