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"Atwill-Morin launched an ambitious international recruitment program in 2022 in France, Mexico, England and Morocco. The Arimé company played an important role in the success of our recruitment in Mexico. With a 100% success rate, we welcomed 11 Mexican employees and are more than satisfied with their skills. In addition to recruitment, Arimé handled the government process, document management, interviews, plane tickets, reception, and insurance. Over the next few years, we will be recruiting ten to fifteen workers in Mexico. Arimé is our reliable partner.


Me Donald Riendeau, Vice-President Legal Affairs and International Recruitment Program Manager, Atwill-Morin".


We have been working with Arimé since 2018 for the recruitment of foreign workers on the farm of Drapeau et Bélanger inc. We have always received very good support at all stages of the process. A competent team at the service of employers and employees. Thank you and good luck!


Célia Neault Ferme Drapeau et Bélanger inc.

Ferme Drapeau

The Arimé Canada team showed us how attentive they were throughout our recruitment process. They are available at short notice and provide excellent customer service. Thank you all!


Hélène Bélanger Director of Human Resources


In 2019, Érablière Côté et Fils launched an international recruitment initiative in Mexico. The Arimé team played a key role in the success of our recruitment in Mexico. In collaboration with her, we welcomed 2 Mexican workers in the first year (2019) and 10 Mexican workers in the last year (2023). We are more than satisfied with their skills. In addition to recruitment, Arimé has made the government process, document management, interviews, plane tickets, reception, and insurance easy. Arimé is our trusted partner with its excellent support service in the world of Temporary Foreign Workers (TET). We have always felt supported throughout the recruitment process.


Emilie Côté Administrative Assistant Érablière Côté et Fils

Érablière Côté et fils 

RP2R S.E. is a company that has been operating in the pig sector for several years. As with any business, recruiting local labor was not an easy task. So, we turned our attention to foreign labor. Always on the lookout for partners who pay attention to detail and a job well done, we came across the Arimé company. They have proved to be a great asset in making the recruitment of foreign workers accessible, simple, and coordinated. Always attentive to our needs, they remain, in our opinion, a brand that we can easily recommend. Special thanks to Martin Methot and Valérie Roy for their invaluable help.


The Lotbinière Golf Club used your services for the first time in 2022 to recruit two temporary foreign workers from Mexico. Arimé assisted us from start to finish. The whole process was simplified thanks to your expertise. We were satisfied at every stage. This summer, we had no hesitation in renewing our collaboration with Arimé for our 2024 golf season. I highly recommend them.


Michel Desjardins, General Manager, Lotbinière Golf Club

Golf Lotbinière

SERRES LALIBERTÉ INC. launched the project in 2017 to hire foreign workers for the landscaping and maintenance departments, as labor was becoming very scarce in the region. Without these workers, the company would not have been able to continue offering the same level of service to its clients. The ARIMÉ company has played an important role in the success of this approach in Guatemala. We started modestly, with one worker, and now we have 4, and a 5th for 2024. We are very happy with the work of the TFWs, they are meticulous, consistent, respectful, and very proud of their work. With the ARIMÉ team, managing all the TET documents is much easier. Thank you to the whole team and your availability for all our questions.

Steeve Fecteau, Owner, Serres Laliberté Inc.

Serres Laliberté Paysagiste

In 2018, Bois Franc-Nord Inc. used the services of the Arime company to recruit 6 temporary foreign workers. Understanding the importance of this project for our company, the company demonstrated a human and personalized approach. To date, we have more than doubled the number of workers and their expertise has been essential in overcoming the challenges associated with international recruitment. A partner of choice.


Lisa Pépin, Human Resources Coordinator


Toitures Joël started its relationship with Arimé in 2020 and played an important role in the success of our recruitment in Mexico and Guatemala. In 2021, we welcomed two workers from Guatemala; in 2022, we welcomed five workers from Mexico because it was easier on the administrative side; and in 2023, we welcomed five workers from Mexico and are satisfied with their skills. In addition to recruitment, Arimé made the government process, document management, interviews, plane tickets, and airport pickup easy. Given the labor shortage in Quebec, we will continue to recruit workers from Mexico. Arimé is a trustworthy partner who listens to our needs.
Jimmy Doré, administrator and co-owner of Toitures Joël.

Toitures Joël 

Ferme J. Ouimet Inc. is an agricultural company specializing in the cultivation, harvesting, and packaging of potatoes. We have been using Arimé's services for many years to recruit agricultural workers. Thanks to the support and management of the recruitment and immigration files by their professionals, we have always been able to fill our agricultural worker positions. Their support in managing the administrative procedures for the arrival of 20 temporary foreign workers (Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru) has relieved the administrative burden on our company. For the coming years, Arimé is a reliable partner, and we will not hesitate to call on him for new requests and/or renewals.

Ferme J.Ouimet inc.
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