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We recruit around the world for folks here at home!

Since the very beginning of its activities, ARIMÉ has offered first-rate services to employers to support them in hiring foreign workers.

With many years' experience behind them, the ARIMÉ founding team offers employers a unique support service for temporary foreign workers.


A travel agency called Valéria Voyages is also part of ARIMÉ. With its extensive experience in the travel industry, this subsidiary offers unrivalled and competitive service for your air travel needs and those of your employees. Our organization defines itself as a customer-focused service company.


Our involvement in the field enables us to offer recruitment, consulting, and follow-up services throughout the hiring process. Moreover, we actively participate in the entrepreneurial development of each of our customers through the quality and reliability of our workforce.



Our  history

The ARIMÉ team stands out for its competencies and solid experience. We have successfully completed thousands of files for both agricultural and industrial employers. Our proximity with employers and personalized business relationships makes ARIMÉ an unbeatable choice.


The business ties that we have developed with government agents and representatives from our partner countries enable us to be proactive in our interventions. Our customers can count on dedicated people in each country to ensure effective communication in the processing and follow-up of requests.



Why Arime


To meet our customers' crying workforce needs, enabling local employers to maintain their operations and continue to develop their businesses. All while providing excellent job opportunities for qualified international candidates.


To be recognized as a partner of choice in the successful hiring of foreign workers by Canadian employers!






Mutual support

Valeria Haedo


Valeria Haedo_employee_ARIMÉ

President of Arimé and founder of Valeria Voyages, Ms. Haedo leads the way in specialized international transportation for temporary foreign workers. With years of experience under her belt, she manages a competent team to ensure that all TFWs travel in compliance with the various existing regulations.

Martin Méthot


Mr. Méthot is well known and involved in the foreign workforce scene. For more than twenty years, he has worked closely with farmers and employers across Quebec to help them overcome the obstacles of labor shortages by hiring TFWs. He is also the designated personal information protection person for Arimé Inc. and Valeria Voyages.

The direction

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